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Circadel is a company that is dedicated to delivering quality audio projects, ranging from music to video game foley. Have a song written and need it tracked, mixed, and mastered? Or are you a video game developer and need a few specific sound effects? We can do that!

Circadel was originally started in 2011 by Brad Linder. Starting as just a name for the audio works he had worked on, it felt like the right name to give a full record label of sorts.

The work put into his solo projects at the start of Circadel was professionally amateur, in a sense that he put hard work into the things he set his mind to, and they always sounded good, even if they weren't top notch Billboard quality. Brad went on to hone his skill by attending Greenville College with a major in audio engineering. Learning the ins and outs of the music industry and applying new techniques, technologies, and methods to his skillset.

In 2015, Brad had been working on various audio projects for friends, and decided to make something of Circadel, even as just a side project to put a name to his own projects. Eventually he hopes to branch out and make Circadel available for hire to the public.